All black everything-except for flowers

All black everything-except for flowers

buried-by-words asked: how do i wear hijab with a red dress? i'm just afraid it will look garish

Just wear it, it won’t look garish at all! (Red is the color of powerful women anyway). As long as you aren’t a complete vision in red, it’ll be fine. Find a matching color and wrap, wrap, wrap.

Anonymous asked: ur in houston omg hey girl

This is how they made me. Houston, Texas baby. :)

Anonymous asked: Assalamualaikum, Babe! thanks for ur feedback! & now im wont insecure with ma outfit. Love u xx

Wa’ailaikumsalaam! It’s no problem, really. Never be insecure :)

Anonymous asked: what do u wear under maxi skirts? tights, shorts??

Depends on the weather. Tights. Leggings. Skirt Slips.

The polka dotted professional.

devysayshey asked: Assalamualaikum. Your blog is super kewl. Can you please submit OOTD with jeans look? Because I'm pretty tomboy but I honestly wanna look lil bit feminime but still with jeans. I also have chubby cheeks so I'm not comfortable using long pashmina, instead I wear triangle hijab. Thank you so much and may Allah bless us.

Wa’Alaikumsalam! I have a whole bunch of OOTDS with jeans mostly because I’m a college students that moves around a lot. Match the jeans with cute dresses or nice tops and cardigans and you’ll definitely look more feminine! And each person has the hijab style that looks best on them, so if you feel the most comfortable and confident in triangle hijabs, rock them :)

Anonymous asked: Salaam I dont understand why us girls aren't allowed to PLUCK our eyebrows, when we are allowed to shave the rest of our body. Can you help me out? X

Sorry dear but I’m not a scholar in this subject and I’d rather not state my personal opinion! But you can read on different opinions and decide which is right.

In the end only Allah knows.

Anonymous asked: I just started following and I'm already excited. Your absolutely beautiful Mashallah. Stay stylish! Xx

Oh man, I hope I don’t disappoint! ♥  

misslouislanex asked: Just want to say your style is amaaaazing, mashallah :)!

I just want to say YOU are amazing, mashaAllah :)!

Anonymous asked: Hello, if i wearing a pencil skirt with sneakers? it look either nice or not? sometimes i insecure what i wearing, just feel awkward and embarrassed when people look at me.

I’ll tell ya, once I wore a maxi dress with sneakers and felt completely silly but I had to wear that out of necessity, and a lot of people thought it was a really cool twist. As long as it’s not for a professional event, I say if you want to wear sneakers with a pencil skirt go all for it. Just be confident in yourself, and people will think you’re rocking the skirt and sneaks.

Ma girl Wendy Davis didn’t mind.

effervescentgemini asked: also, do you know where I can find some simple high waisted maxi skirts?

Aww man, this is a biggie. I can NEVER find high waisted maxi skirts. You can always try making them yourself by buying some cloth and then a thick elastic band. Forever 21 has some sometimes, followed by Macy’s and Dillards. I’ve gotten some high-waisted skirts from HauteLook too (I am so sorry I keep mentioning this website, but I’m serious girls it’s amazing and I’m currently absolutely addicted). But that’s about it. Once I got a high-waisted skirt at White House Black Market, but I found it on the sale rack, so maybe look there as well.

effervescentgemini asked: I just discovered your blog & YouTube today and I'm so glad I did! you're beautiful mashallah keep it up xx

You are too sweet, thank you so much :)!

Anonymous asked: where can i buy/ order maxi skirts?

I buy/order my maxi skirts from Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Macy’s, H&M. Lately though, I’ve been finding a lot off of HauteLook so you can try that too. I’ve gotten like 3 high waisted skirts from there within the last month, and they were ranging from $15-20.

myrrh asked: WHERE did you get that giraffe dress? It's amazing.

HauteLook. It’s an amazing website that has a lot of designer items at incredible discounts! If you don’t have an account, you can sign up with the link above.